Monday, April 25, 2005

Abercrombie is here!!

Went out real early today for a healing session with my mum...but came back sweaty and tired. **what's with the bloody weather!!**

Feeling excited as I predicted my abercrombie skirt to arrive today - and it DID!!!
But feeling sad as the dress is still not here yet! **What the hack with aussie post?!**

I actually sent Lena's pressie out days after she send mine and I ordered my skirt a wk after from the US ... everything has arrived except for hers?! **still hope and pray for it to come**

Anyway, I tried on my skirt and it did fit but was a little too low (its suppose to...). But it did rest well on my hips showing my tattoo so prominently if I had a crop top but I did not like the fact that it may show my Arse crack if I squat or sat down! *pengz* But I still love it! *beaming!!*

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Later I still have to call Apple up for my newphews CRAP SHIT Ipod *plz excuse my language* but it is a piece of shit!

The earphones were spoilt..the ipod hang..songs can disappear and reappear miraculously...and the battery lasted only a DAY! *at least I only charged my ipod mini every 5 days!*

Anyway, the operator made him go down there w/o telling him that he needs some bloody ID inorder to repair it?! Otherwise no point walking in! I'm gonna screw that arrogant person for it. Maybe I will record the whole phone conversation... *heehee* thats the good thing when u have an advanced hp!! *LOL*

I was told by them that the service staff was very arrogant at the service ctr and their noses were so high that it could reach the sky. I will give them my piece of mind and make sure the nose drop storeys down!

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SundayGal said...

the skirt is nice! still keeping my fongers crossed that the dress will rock up at ur hse!