Wednesday, May 11, 2005

How Much Are You Willing To Give For Your Family?

It's been a long time since I had a serious topic but after some things that have been happening to people around me *Ding* - It got me thinking about this topic, "How much are you willing to give for your family?"

Family problems are common (10 out of 10 families are bound to have 1) and unavoidable yet fairness is not an issue that can be considered as well. Of cos we do not rule out the possibilities that there are compromising families in this world but often we just hear about all the - "O, you should never talk back to your elderly!" and whatever remarks that many can be said.

I do admit that I used to dislike my granny too...but over the years I learnt to accept the goodness of people and to forgive the flaws in them. At times their words may hurt, sound unreasonable or not something you may like to hear but not to forget the amount of effort and dedication that she has put into me when I was still crawling around and pooing in my cloth diaper.

In addition, the forgiving, patient and compromising characters of my parents has always affected me as I grew. No complains and no hint of frustration can be seen on their faces despite the endless complaints and repeated naggings that my granny can say. You will always hear them talking to her - so cheerful. Even though some words are redundant and meaningless, it felt so heart-warming.

Come to think of it. How many years has ur grandparents stayed home to care for u? How much sweat and tolerance your parents endure through their life, just to make sure you have a comfortable life? Sometimes we may hate them, but do we really understand the pain and hardship that they may have gone through silently without us knowing?

Sometimes no matter what mistakes or wrong we have done, it is always family love and support that pull us through. They are the only ones who gives us a second chance when people look down on us. So should we give people who once or still love us a second chance even though they may not be like what he/she used to be. Think of it this way, we changed as we grew from a kid to an adult.. but y do parents always think of us as kids? Kids are most innocent and happy. Even though u may have made many mistakes, ur parents will always remember u as u r when u were a kid.

There are certain characteristics that parents as they grow older will have (not that at times they really want to have). My dad once told me that life is like a cycle - u grow from a kid to an adult and from and adult back to a kid. I found it quite true especially after seeing the changes in elderly people around me.

Life is short, cherish them when they are still around. It's sad and painful when the route to age is long and lonely. I experienced that pain (not in my family but someones else)despite that family not being close to mine.

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