Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Just Another Week

Nothing exciting has happen so far this week except that I collected my nephew's ipod for the 3 time round (sigh). It will be under my strict "factory testing" for a few days before I pass it back to him, just in case it breaks down again! (roll eyes)

The weather has been crazy lately and I'm getting frequent headaches every now and I better start drinking more water everyday. But at least it's been raining and it helps in lowering the temperature during the day.

My latest buys for the week is a cheap and good webcam (heehee) and a multi-tier Ivory Pearl Bracelet. Yeah! I'm actually wearing PEARLS! Sound old right but in fact it looks pretty! I will take a picture of it when it arrives in my mail. Nowadays it's such an enjoyment to shop online..whether is it Ebay or Yahoo Auctions. I have tried them all. U never know when u can find cheap bargains and really nice stuff that u can't find in the shops! (Grins)

-- Sips on hot milk --

It's getting late and I'm stil not asleep yet - yeah!I need some hot milk to make me drowsy. I read it somewhere that it is proven that milk has a substance which helps u to sleep better. But I guess it's more like the habit of drinking milk since young that I find it so irresistable. Mind u! I'm not a fan of HL or any flavor enhanced milk. Yes! I love pure white milk...I just love the raw! But of cos not milk that has just been exacted from a cow...too raw for my liking. (yUcK)

Eyes Drooping down... ...OuTzz *PEngZ*

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