Monday, May 02, 2005

Love Can Create Such Wonders

Just ended another lovely wedding dinner last night and you can feel the blissfulness presence in the atmostphere last night.
This is 1 wedding that I have seen how much the bride and groom actually wanted to be with each other. Can't really put it in words but it was the feeling that was shared.
Anyway the event was great! Ambience not too bad - except for the blue lights that made us felt kinda sleepy before the wedding even started. *ZzzzZzzz* Food was ok and we had a good laugh when the waiter served the sharks fin ... apparently the chef must have overdid the soup with starch, that it kinda turn us off with its thick texture (aka) mucus lookalike *EEEeewwww!!!*lol*
Later when he served a deep fried pork dish and there wasn't enough to go round for 10 people equally. The chef has placed 19 instead of 20 of the last plate had a miserable 1 *pengz*. while the waiter tried to scoop more lettuce on the last plate, we jokingly told him that will not savage the situation and we suggested that the chef should bring one more out. -_-"
So when the desert came - the same waiter served the sweet dumplings and we joked with him again that maybe the chef may have left out another 1 dumpling in the kitchen. ""-_-""
1 of the guys even asked if he get customers like us all the time who love to disturbed him but the waiter was quite patient and said that it was ok. *ThumBz up 4 the Service!*
The dinner ended at around 2230 or so and we proceeded to have mahjong over at another pregnant lady's house (reminded I just came from a shotgun wedding! ;p). Anyway, joe played mahjong with 3 pregnant woman!!! Goss...the sight of their stomachs were overwhelming for my night and I laze off on the coach watching boring Sunday movies (Zzzzzzz). At the end of the night (correction - dawn!) we managed to Craaawll home at 5am... ...
Super Shag since 10a.m ---->>Gonezzzzzzz *pooF*

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SundayGal said...

*envies* i also wanna fall inlove like that... deep deep in lub kekekek