Thursday, May 05, 2005


Finally I went out shopping at Far East Plaza yesterday... it's been quite some time since I last went there for some ramaging of new styles. I was looking for some accessories but ended up with none althought the belts were kinda pretty and the earrings quite sweet. *sigh* But I thought maybe I be able to find those somewhere else cheaper... ... *chinatown?? bugis??*

In the end I bought a tank top with a pink glitter butterfly...I have this thing about butterflies..*heehee* Casual and cooling for this hell of a weather. Happen to walk past a small kiosk selling clutch bags and saw this gold pouch like clutch, kinda useful when u just wanna bring ur wallet, handphone and keys. Bought it for $10...not too bad la. i also notice them selling the bigger clutches similar to those at Tampines mall but a few bucks cheaper! Maybe I'll consider buying the gold ribbon pumps I've been eyeing non-stop in TM *sigh*. Not sure why?? but gold accessories seem to catch my eyes now. @_@

Before I left (2 go 2 joe's plc) I smelled a nice aroma coming from a corner malay coffeeshop. So I stopover to buy a takeout - stingray curry *boy was it hot!!*

  1. My Purchase yesterday at Far East Plaza!

  2. *The Butterfly has glitters**

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