Thursday, May 26, 2005

Sucky Start 4 The Day!

I was happily playing with my phone last night when the most dreaded unfortunate thing happen! I been having my 3G phone for close to half a yr and suddenly when I reset my phone...the icon, 'Usim Locked' appeared!! Despite my repeated attempts at restarting my simply did not go away.

Thinking that the simcard got locked (even though I did not do anything to it!) I went to bed and thought of calling Singtel tomorrow to retrieve my PUK code. When I did got it this morning and tried it on the was still the same.(pengz)

So I decided to try my sim card on the other phone and it worked perfectly FINE! I knew that it was the problem of the phone...(shit!)

I went to search for LG's phone no. and tried to enquire about it but somehow they NEVER pick up the phone no matter how many times u may call. So I resort to looking up on the Internet for details, happens that it was the fault of a software (sigh) i hope LG here fix it, cos I bought this phone from abroad and I'm not excited at all to send it back for repair. Lucky thing is, its close to the other model available in singapore and hopefully they be able to get it fixed. I'm also praying that the warranty can work here...otherwise i shall have to PAY! (sobs) I still wanna go for midnight sale at Wisma tonight!!!

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