Friday, June 10, 2005

Bored dinner or am I getting Greedy?!

I'm now at joe's place and his out working OT... poor thing! Its not his standby week but his colleague was sent abroad and he seems to be the only person his manager can think of?! DuH!

I'm helping him to rant it out - It's been weeks and he nv fail to work OT everyweek and his bloody manager doesnt show much appreciation despite him promising to allow him leave after the stand by week but he ^%$^!@# go back on his words. They should start sending their managers for some management courses.

Now I'm feeling kind of hungry and the maid has cooked but it looked all so boring..cos she keep cooking the same stuff all the time! Maybe I will go opposite and ta bao some Mee Hoon Kuey (SlurP) before I start turning thin with hunger... (FacE turnIng GreeN)

I been eyeing a bag online and theres another 3 days before it ends but I think its going to be very costly - possibly 3 digits... Cant really afford it after i got my phone. Told myself that its time to replenish some reserves but so hard to discipline myself..(argH!)

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