Thursday, June 23, 2005

Credit Card Frauds Beware!!

Lately there has been alot of Credit Card Fraud cases and I'm now more wary when it comes to purchasing online. Can't believe that the banks can be so careless. *shake head*

I went out at noon today to Orchard and walk for half an hour while waiting for Joe. Went past Le Meridien and bought a box of Lavendar incense as well as a incense burner box. It is handmade and engraved out of wood allowing u to burn incense even with the fan or aircon blowing. I thought it be good to have some scent as Joe's room seem to have a wierd stench *pengz* and at the same time it serves as a form of relaxation.

Currently eagerly awaiting the arrival of my online purchase:

-- Eye concealer

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