Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Many Tragics For This Year Has Yet to Stop

Lately there has been speculations of the gruesome murder on a china girl. Unexpected suspect was a loving father and husband (as described by neighbours) who was her supervisor, aged 50.

Often cases of murder comes with many unexpected twist in stories even when the lives of these people seem so normal. How would one react when one day u found out that your father was a murderer?! I think I will be in total shock and disbelief.

Doesn't this make one wonder, why would a perfectly normal person will all of a sudden have an affair with others and still act so much in love with their wife. Are they living in denial everyday and lying to their partners every second of their life? I'm a straight forward person who will prefer that a question comes with a yes or no and not a I Don't Know.

Question! Are man by nature indirect and finds avoidance a form of acknowledgement that the relationship is failing?

I had my fair share of denial from man and it either involve unanswered calls/sms or the sudden common answer of "no la, where got" in every question that u may ask them. There are also those who refuse to talk face to face regarding problems that have occured and at the mention of a breakup, they simply draw the line, shut the doors and allow their dogs to bite u rather than to talk it out properly.

If people said women are hard to understand then men to me is even tougher to open up.

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