Thursday, June 02, 2005

New Phone Once Again!!

Yeah~I bought another phone in a short 6mths...can't blame me since the last one die on me. I bought the black Motorola V3 today at Singtel. Figured out that its better I buy my phone from a place I always trust not to cheat me of my accessories and money.

I had a bad experience with a person at a authorise dealer who removed a few items and tried to sell me as a package, claiming that it did not come together. He probably thought that cos the Korean phone wasnt often seen in Singapore and he could trick me. But unfortunate for him I had checked the package before going down and when i pointed out to him that its stated to be included in the Manual itself. He continue to deny the fact and he said different countries had different sort of "package". Bull shit! I just walked off~

Anyway, my new phone is simply GORGeouS and so damn slim...I had always wanted something so pretty!! heehee Im blogging at my bf's place so can't really take a picture of it. But I just love it!

My phone bid is due to end tomorrow and hopefully I dun get some irresponsible dead bidder. Praying really hard!! So far it has been good and hopefully it stays good.

I bought a shoe on monday and somehow shit happens...when i tried it together it seem tight?! what the hack. It was ok the other day but well I have to go home and check if I could bring it back for an exchange since its less than a week old.

Plus I have to look for a present for a friend's baby shower...yeah! adorable pretty little girl. I'm thinking of a precious thots gift since it looks lovely and presentable.

I think thats about all for my week...hopefully it will end well.

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