Wednesday, June 08, 2005

What a week...

It's been quite a week... Managed to change a shoe size for a pair of pumps i bought last week. Despite the fact that i wore it out once and u could see the base alittle bit worn, the SA still changed it for me with a smile. Thats what I call good service!! Unlike another SA I met at Giant Supermkt at Bedok...she is hell a world apart!!

I was waiting for joe to fetch me and I was wondering around Giant Supermarket. Tired, i decided to walked out of the supermarket to rest my feet downstairs but I was stopped by a auntie selling beauty skin care products. She ask to take a look at the products despite me saying no. Out of boredom I stood there and look. The SA started recommending her facial cleaners said to be some treatment (yada yada!) and she pin point my facial problems. She ask me to buy the facial cleanser (mind u it cost $30+ for a brand i never heard of!) and I thought its a little ex and I couldnt afford to buy it as my budget is getting tight.

I politely decline to buy it and told her im not interested but she kept pushing it to me and said if i buy it now i can get a free facial. Although i kept repeating im not interest, she continue to push the stupid cleanser to me sayin,"today i help u.." I heard her say help u for dunnoe how many zillion times and it reminded me of those HP SA who push ppackages into ur mobile purchase. I got really fed up and irritated by then and then she changed her approach. She said she give me samples to try, which initially that was all she was suppose to do when she lure me to her counter and she give me a offer to try their facial at $28...yadayada.

When I told her again im not interested and i dun like facials, she kept on pushing sayings its only $28 blarblar. I decided to give her the no money approach and i told her i just bought a phone and i have no more spare cash. Then she said something like, $28 only its not expensive. And when i insist I am not interested she said I did not have the heart to buy. I need by then i want to raise a scene and embarassed her but i hold myself and told her straight, "your way of pushing products to the customer is not very good as well!"

After that she knew i was angry and I just told her u dun need to give me 2wks of sample i will just take one..ifs its good then i consider and see how la. when i took it i even left with a frown. I wanted to call up the place to complain but did not have the no. so till i pass by that area then I will go up to the salon to complain!

Shitty SA like her should be taken off the place.. a person who doesnt even have the heart to serve her customer can yet accuse a customer of not having the heart to buy?! Thats the lamest Threat I ever heard in my life!

Now that I rant about it, i feel so much better. HeeHee

Lately the weather has been bad and my sunflower plant is dying...or should i say has died. Lucky there is another one (backup) and I snip off the dead one cos apparently there are red anys attacking it. The other sunflower is blooming big and well. u can even see sunflower seeds coming out!! =)

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