Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Boy Am I Beat Out!

I'm still playing Maple Story despite my drooping eyes and I could feel the heatiness in my body. sigh!! The game is too addictive!! I MUST STOP!! (voice inside - no nono!! ur most lvl up!!)

Sianz...tomorrow I really need to go over to my cousin place otherwise her husband's laundry and plates are probably pilling up sky high. For your info - his a japanese, so that explains why he doesn't do a single house work.

I'm looking forward for her return as there will always be loads of cutsy japanese stuff that she will bring back. (and) not forgetting those yummy and beautifully wrapped Jap Biscuits and snacks. *slurp*

Beat out ... need 2 sleep ... zzz ... crawling away ...

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