Thursday, July 07, 2005

Growing Up & Realising Your Responsibilities

I just got a lecture from my Dad over the weekend and it kind of shook me out of my blur mode, or should I say my sick of being Sick mode!!

Anyway, he reminded me of my responsibilities in life and being an adult was not one easy task at all. Although there are certain factors that I thought his too strict or too realistic about but nevertheless I realised that I have just entered the horrid period in ones life. To be grown up and heavy responsibilities that one have to bare. Be it work, phone bills, daily expense and one most left out factor, family.

He always thought us about saving money and planning for the future but there is a future which I hope to fulfilled but have yet to have the chance to do it. My goal in life is to have my own online store and a family of my own. Yes! I'm thinking of marriage at a age of coming 23 (next monday). Maybe I'm not ambitious at this point of time and a material life is attractive in certain ways. But I'm a simple person who just yearn to have a simple life.

The thought of my parents aging and future medical bills kinda shook me alittle. It made me realise how important it is to plan and set aside reserve cash. From what I know, many girls whether married or single do not have much savings. Probably spent on shopping, facial, etc. But I will encourage people around me to at least save up a bit every now and then as u never know when u may need it.

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