Saturday, July 09, 2005

Heavenly Dinner

Tonight was one of the best dinner I ever had... Joe took me to The equinox restaurant for a bday dinner as he knew that it was my fave restaurant.

We went there at about 7pm and order a soup, main course and a chocolate desert for 2. As we sat there waiting for the soup, we had a great birds eye view of the military planes flying right past us doing stunts for the National Day Rehersal down below at the padang. I have never seen planes so close up and at eye level before!!

After that fantastic performance, our main course came and went. We sat around deciding what desert to have.. guess what?! Suddenly fireworks started flying all over right in front of our view. It was the end of the rehersal and fireworks were part of the finale. And we thought we had our fabulous steaks that almost sent us to heaven, the fireworks display at such a view was utterly breathtaking!!!!

As the waiter served us our Chocolate Fantasy, a second round of fireworks came midway through our desert and everyone stopped and gasped at the amazing view.

I must must say its the most wonderful dinner I ever had with my Love One. *MuaCKs!!!* Love U!

We were so thrilled with the performance that we wanted to book a table for National Day but unfortunately it had been fully booked. But theres always next yr!

**Floating Off 2 Heaven~~~~~~**

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