Tuesday, July 12, 2005

That Perfect Soulmate

Can 1 define the word, 'The Perfect Soulmate' or even explain our very own individual thoughts of it.

I used to think of my perfect soulmate as one who treats me like a princess and it feels as perfect as someone out of our Dreams. But in reality it can be so different and unpredictable.

Sometimes you wonder, should it be changed to your personal soulmate or your very own soulmate??!! Cos the word perfect does not seem to fit in as u grow older and realise the truth of it all.

But I decided that mine shall still be kept as THE perfect soulmate. Why? 1 may ask...

Simply explained by a common qns that many may have asked one before, "Do u think your significant other is beautiful?". Many will say yes and to them, they are the most beautiful in their eyes.

Similarly, my soulmate may not be theortically PerfecT but he may just be perfect for me. Although Joe is not perfect but he gives me his word and shows me how important I am to him. I did not feel secured with him but rather he made me realise the amount of things his willing to go through just to live his life with me. I think that is far better than to search for a so called dictionary defined perfect man.

I used to feel that one guy I knew was my soulmate but reality sat in and told me that somethings no matter how hard u try or how much u may like it - u require him to give u what u want or to at least work towards a common goal in life to survive together in this harsh world. It was painful indeed but yet in a way very rewarding, opening me up to what life is really all about. Through all this hardship is where we learn how to cope on, carry on, move on with life and learn to forgive at times.

Hatred is indeed the path is sadness and the root of all evil. Given me to be a superstitous person, I believe that anger will only bring u more pain and revenge will only make your future look blurry and miserable.

Y not convert that negative thoughts to thoughts of a better life with better relations with your love ones. Like what we are always told, often loves ones are taken for granted for and only till u lose them that u really learn to treasure them. To me, if by that point u still do not realise it - then ur utterly beyond hope...

There are people who treat me ugly, some who even w/o knowing u may put u in a tough position but always remember that these challenges are a test of your preserverence and to increase your ability to toughen up.

I do not wish to wait till I'm old to learn my mistakes and by then it may have been too late. To forgive and forget is man's greatest virtue.

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