Friday, August 12, 2005

Long Time No Yakky Di Yak Yak

I think it has been ages since I last yak on the phone for such a long time. The only time I ever did it was back in the good old secondary school days whereby talking on the phones for hours seem to be the norm.

Anyway, it was norman who rang my mobile hoping to catch up on his superb ridiculously busy schedule! (*pengz! Imagine having to reach home close midnight almost every day!!)

We talked for more than an hour (which to me is the longest in years!) on our latest happenings and misfortunes (sigh!). But (of cos) there are the hopeful talks about our plans on career and goals to be achieved.

It was an enjoyable chat and I know I can always count on him for an honest opinion! (wink**)

Recently I have been busy with other people's computers and it seem like now the season for them to all breakdown simultaneously. How lovely of them ~~roll eyes O_o~~

Besides that I enjoyed a weekend of spectacular fireworks display at Marina Bay, 2nights in a week!! They will be having a finale on the 14th of august... don't know my ah boi want to go anot?! HeeHee

Speaking of which, his birthday is just round the corner and I have no idea what to do ... Any1 contribute PLeaSe~~~!!!!!

Running dry of creative juices ... ...

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