Thursday, August 18, 2005

Piss! Piss! Piss!

Yes! Joe has done it again ~ freeking pissssssss!!!

I've been waiting for a call whole day long but none! I made a call in the afternoon to see if he is working late so as to save my agony of waiting. He told me there was going to be a dinner with some company personnel. Told me to make my own programme and he'll meet up later at night.

Ya right super late. I remember one of such many occasions has happened before and I decided to eat home (save some $$$). 8pm... 9pm ...10pm has past and still no call no SMS!?

Hello??!! Guys please do recognise the use of the bloody phone! It is not just for u to make "love calls" with your so call "brothers" but its also meant to call ur gf when u have something to attend to at the last minute.

I got so fed up that when I sms him at 10plus only to be told he just finished work. (???) All along I thought he should be enjoying dinner with his company personnels. Apparently, he was working with that person till super late and now they are having dinner. All thanks to my instincts, I did not have to wonder the streets alone! (*phew)

Freeking bloody extremely piss with such behaviour. Please show some initiative and call! Don't expect me to think of everything all the time. Busy work is not an excuse!! Hello?! Telephone? Have we MET?!

Getting shagged...time to ZzzzZzzz

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