Thursday, August 25, 2005

Stomach On Fire!!

Woke up at 1030(hr) as usual, washed up and read the morning newspaper. There wasn't any exciting news today, so not much gossip to talk about. Poured myself a glass of milk and threw a slice of ham into the oven (technically I place, not threw but just for exageration sake. duh!) and waited for it to go DinG.

Afterwhich I proceeded to my desktop to check my mails as my beloved laptop is stuck at Joe's place. We parked our car at a carpark and sat another friend's car out to Loyang for a prayer session. Since my house was nearby, he sent me home and I forgot to take my laptop along. Felt like my right leg wasn't attached to my body... ...Image hosted by

Anyway, I occupied my time with forums and more forums to update on any latest happenings around me before I turn alien to the shopping centres with my excessive love for online shopping.

Afternoon was a day out to Marine Parade for some fresh air (basically more like air-con la! Lol!), walk around to see if I missed out on any new stuff, checked out the cheap china CDs and past by the aquarium shop to oogle at the cute retrievers in the glass.Image hosted by

Today's damage is not big - bought one JJ Lin Jun Jie CD and a tweezer. Both my tweezer conveniently vanished into thin air one day and I found one in my granny's box (she forgot where she put hers and she probably conveniently thought I took hers (&$%#^#@) and I found mine right smack inside the container in front of my dressing table!! Damn it! This always happens and I waste $2.50 on a shitty tweezer. Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt is so badly designed that I wondered why is it even price $2.50?!

Now it's 2258(hrs) and my stomach is on fire from the yummy otar at 85!! Its really thes best tasting Otar I have eaten but it never fails to sent my stomach off on a fireworks display inside.

Can't sleep right now ~ too full already and I probably get a bad stomach ache if I do.

Tomorrow is Friday!! Yeah!! Can stay out late liaozz~~ and my boy turns 29 in another hour.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comHappy BirdAY DarlinG! MuacKZ! Image hosted by

Funfilled Day Ahead ... ...Image hosted by

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