Saturday, August 20, 2005

Super Duper Sensitive

I've been waiting for ages for Joe to knock off and its Killing mE!!!

Been ready and dress since 3pm and now its ~ close to 11pm... ...

I had my lunch at 12pm ~ stomach started to growl at 3pm ... ...

Had some chocolate and a whole stick of sweets ~ growl again at 5pm

Been waiting and waiting like hell ~ and now I'm still waiting!!

Pissed and super duper sensitive right now so which idiot who is to talk nonsense with me now will get it from me. I'm starting to type real hard, frown every 2 secs, slammed my mouse, got so sick of playing my fave game, surf a stupid forum thats always down all the time(!!!??) and I'm sick and tired of waiting!!!!!! I'm STARVING!!!!!!!!!

Yeah! That's my sickening face right now!! Super Pissed! And the best part is I can't call him cos his bloody phone sucks up so much battery that its flat within a day! DAMN!

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