Sunday, August 21, 2005

Tired ~ Mentally & Physically Tired!

I was going to knock myself onto my pillow and hopefully beauty sleep will make me less grumpy till I realise I actually have been waiting for one full hour just to see my boi online! F***! (people who know me, I don't say it but I have to rant!!)

If I don't rant, I think I will wake up to nightmares tomorrow morning and ruin my sunday morning mood.

Let's see... it all started out from my thread below and I was thinking how worse can it get?!

Thinking back - I started waiting since 3pm! (for one bloody phone call!)

Joe was suppose to have finish work by afternoon but ended up he called me at 1pm to inform me that he was just about to go into the Fab. Expected time to end is probably evening but second sms came at 3pm only to tell me he may work late but he'll rush to finish it soon. Fine.

I was hungry in the late afternoon despite my lunch and I snacked on chocolate, biscuits and sweets to keep myself going before I go for dinner with Joe. Unfortunately, it was 7pm and starving, waiting for my phone to ring. (no ring) I sms and at 9pm told that there was a problem. Waited another 1 call...2 hours (11pmalready) later finally his done. But so was I. I was done waiting for dinner and I just cook instant mee to eat. No mood nothing! Dun even want to go out!

Ask him to go online and guess what?! i waited another bloody hour! F** It! Im done waiting!!

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