Saturday, September 10, 2005

2 cases in less than 3 months

Dengue cases has been on the rise, so everyone better be careful when you're outdoors. Apply insect repellent and check for any neglected stagnant water at home or along your corridoors.

I did not realise how dreadful it can be till The Straits Times made an article on it with pictures of the symptoms on victims. It was GROSS!!! Eeewww... I can't imagine the pain and agony that the victims went through during their healing process. Hopefully the problem will get better.

One can't help but notice the increase in catastrophes worldwide with the Katrina Hurricane in New Orleans, Cyclones in Japan, Typhoon in China, Dengue in Singapore, continuous bird flu in Asia and some of the other minor cases that are not reported.

Hope and pray that all these will be over and the world will be a better place to live in.

There was a horrific news about a cleaning lady who found a bag of severe human body parts just outside the MRT in Orchard Road. It is the 2nd case reported in less than 3 months and not including the one before the 3 mths period?! Is this the trend of killers??

I can't imagine how horrified the cleaning lady was when she went to open the bag. It was mentioned that she thought it was a disposed mannequin even as she went through the contents and brush throught the long black hair only to be greeted by a face and other parts of the body. I shall not continue further...its already grossing me out as I type.

The news as below:

A guy who was making his way home from MacRitchie Reservoir found a black trolley bag as he was walking to the bus stop. He was aware of the news about the earlier gruesome findings and he had a gut feeling upon see that bag. Hence, he went to seek help and called the police. Bingo! He was right. It was the remaining of the rest of the body.

The last murder was done by an uncle on a China Girl at his flat and is still awaiting trial

What has the world become of?!!!

I will continue to be horrified for the next few days ... ...
New updates on the murder:

  • A filipino worker is arrested upon suspect with the case.
  • Arrest was made within 12 hours.
  • 29 yr old was arrested at employer's flat.
  • red plastic bags and chopper are seized.
  • victim is suspected to be a filipino maid as well, 26 yrs old.

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