Monday, September 26, 2005

3rd Guy In A Month!

Today is the 3rd time I meet another wierdo~

I was rushing to get a surprise bday cake for a belated celebration of my dad's bday. After making my purchase, I swiftly walked back to the bus-stop so that the creme does not melt under the terribly hot after noon sun. While passing by Giant Supermarket (bedok), a guy in white polo and black pants tap on my shoulder uttering something. Unfortunately my IPod was on full blast so I politely took out my ear phones and gave him the "I did not catch a thing u said" look.

Guy: "you remember me?"

Me: *blur look - cos he does not look like any of my friends*

The best part was the way he talked to me was as if he was talking to a long time friend whom he had met all this while.

Guy: *continues* "You always walk past here right?"

Me: *nod head* (mind wondering - I only happen to walk past more often this week)

Guy: "You always say ur very busy and just walk away. very unfriendly le."

To allow for better understanding, he is the typical prudential staff who lingers along sidewalks and tries to talk them customer into doing some so call short survey. Often it becomes a hell of a long time about their financial investments, yada yada!! At this point of time I'm really susepecting that he probably mistaken me for someone else. Firstly, I seldom go to interchange except for last week and only once was I approached by someone but none ever stopped me cos I usually just gesture with my hand that im not interested. I have never once spoke to a sale person rudely telling them im busy cos I know that's a lie and the truth is I'm not interested~

Me: "Are u sure its me, cos I never talked to anyone in this area?"

Guy: "ya la, u always say ur busy and just walk away..."

Seriously!! I really want to tell him he mistaken me for someone else and he probably wants to play along to cover his embarassement or he simply did that to stop me in my tracks.

Guy: "why not u hear about it and u may be interested?"

Me: "I heard it before and I'm still not interested. I need to rush home to keep this cake (which I know he probably thinks I'm trying to siam him so I decided to give him the truth!!) and I'm really not interested in this."

It was only after all this before he was willing to let me go. Honestly I would have love to complain to Prudential (if any of u mangers who bother to read the complaints) about such sales behaviour. I did not know that u train staff to be so impolite! How can one say that a person is so unfriendly when in the first place I never even talked to him before. If I were interested in the near future about their investment, his probably on my blacklist. Although sometimes he may try to make it sound like a harmless joke but when u put on your company logo tag, you may want to be more professional so that it not only reflects well on the brand but on yourself as well.

Hopefully I don't have to meet up with such wierd circumstances again. His the 3rd one in just 2 short weeks.

Anyway... below is the cake I bought for my dad, my bro gf was shock to hear that I paid $17 for it!! Looks Fabulous right?! It was also the first time that we managed to finish up the whole cake within the night. Usually everyone will just have a thin slice and probably half or a quarter of the rest will be untouched. But it was nice and the cream was very light and fresh, thats bengawan solo for u.

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