Friday, September 23, 2005

Cold - Hot - Cold - Hot

It has been raining so much these days that it feels like the time when I was in Perth for summer studies.

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One minute the afternoon sun feel so warm but when evening comes, the rain will pour and the temperature outside feels so much like Autumn.

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Another amusing thing happen to me yesterday while I was waiting for Joe to end his meeting. I was uninterestingly walking around the Interchange, trying to decide where to go but I ended up in the library for an hour in the freezing air conditioning. Finally I gave up when the cold took a toll on my stomach and it began to growl.

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So I walked over to the huge pasar malem (thats what I like about bedok, the pasar malem is forever huge!! hehe) and decided to grab a bite from all the oily fried food counter. I settled for the one nearer to the Interchange cos I thought probably more people buy from them everyday so they probably dun sell u left overs!! (clever anot! lol) It's disgusting when u know that ur paying the same price for leftovers u hardly knew how long it has been around and who knows how many decades of oil have they used to fry it in countless times... K getting kinda pukey thinking of it...

After browsing through I told the guy behind the counter that I wanted a stick of prawn ball and chicken wing. From his accent, he sound like a malaysian and our conversation went like this:

Guy 1 -->the person who packed my food.

Guy 2 -->his other friend working with him.

Scenario: at the fried food stall

ME: I want a prawn ball and a chicken wing

Guy 1: Anything else (starts to pack my food)<p>
Me: *shake head*

Guy 1: Want to buy Sausage?

Me: *shake head* (again)<p>
Guy 1 & 2: Want to buy otar? *buaya mode on*<p>
Me: *still shaking head*

Guy 2: Then if I give u free want?

Me: (thinking whether I got hear wrongly~ no I did not) *Smile and shake my head*

O my graduation letter finally arrived and I couldn't believe my eyes that even for a local event, every graduate is only entitled to 2 TIXS?! I paid so much money to wait so long and only get 2 TIXs?! Shit! The best part is I have no idea whose going to graduate with me cos apparently some of my class mates were earlier than me. *sigh* Too bad then~ the rest of my family will have to wait outside for me... ...

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So that pretty much sums up my yesterday~~

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