Sunday, September 04, 2005

Comex ~ Worse Squeeze Ever!

Joe and I made our way to Suntec City for that much anticipated Comex Exhibition. The carparks all around were full and we had no choice but to park at Raffles City making our way there through CitiLink.

Upon reaching the end of the tunnel leadng to the stairway overhead bridge to Suntec City, we were greeted with the worse human jam ever. Mind u, we were not even at Suntect yet! We were stuck at a massive jam at the opposite side if the overhead bridge where thousands of people try to make their way across that small little walkway.

We managed to squeeze through the crowd but every now and then the queue stopped for awhile and someone even let off a "friendly" fart for us around to "savour" on! *fainT*

After we managed to get over, it was more squeezing in Comex itself. There was the usual brands of laptop, digital cam, accessories and plasma TVs. Prices were cheap for some but the rest were as usual.

Joe was looking around for IAudio, a brand of mp3 players but we chanced upo Iriver and decided to take a look at the promotion. Happened that the prices were still the same as the ones outside and he commented to the staff that there isn't any discount. The promoter quickly retaliated that we can get to choose several different color/design for the player (which I have seen in our tokyo trip in yr 2002 - its just a damn sticker) and they were giving away free earphones. I dragged Joe away looking at him with a wierd look on my face and ask, "What? His trying to tell us that the player don't come with earphones??" *LOL*

We only managed to buy a RCA cable for my IPod Mini and while we tried to squeeze our way out, an Indian guy even molested a girl right smack next to me. I notice the crowd was squeezing nearer and nearer, while I had my hands in front of me ready to shove any asshole around - the lady infront of me had her bf walking ahead of her an an Indian fellow was following closely behind her.

At a point everyone suddenly started to squeeze closer and he had his hand brushing against her bum the whole time! The best part is the girl did not even do anything about it!? I had a load of phamphlet on my hand and out of anger at some cheapskate molesters, I kept poking his hand with the fresh and sharp edges of the paper. He did not move and continue to press his hand against her, so I told Joe about it but all he heard was half past 6. So he thought the Indian was trying to be funny with him and he gave one hell hard push at him and walked away. Later then he realised that it wasn't me but he thought the guy still deserved it! heehee

Comex again?? noooo ... ...

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