Tuesday, September 27, 2005

A Day of Manicure

I went for a express manicure after several months of pure torture~ sobs... Been so broke for the past month that I dun dare to spend any form of money. A shop call fingertips was recommended by a forum and celine was said to be good. Prices were cheap as well, I paid $11.90 for a french tip express Mani!!! But it did not really live up to it so call "cheap and good" sayings. As cheap as it sounds, it was as good as it was said.

She did not file the nails very well and I like it when a manicurist turns my hand uprights to check for any slanted nails. But she did not do it and my nails had a high tendency of growing sideways. When she applied the nail varnish, she did it in large sweeps which often ended up the the sides and the insides of my nails. Becos of that the nail varnish on the nails will also tend to be thicker and it not only becomes tougher to dry but cracks easily as well. Best part was it dried very fast after she applied the so call super dry oil. But the insides usually take up to an hour to be fully dry, which I think she should have informed me (in case customer's were not aware of it).

She used some brand called Times Square, although I was expecting O.P.I but I wasn't very particular about that. The next mistake she did was the uneven painting of the white tip. You could see the pink base thru it even with 2 layers of coating and cos of her large sweeps of varnish, the cuticles were cover with it as well and it looked quite messy at that area. Usually I notice that manicurist do not apply varnish on the cuticles but just above the skin area (the part where u see the semi round white in ur nails).

I gave her the benefit of doubt that she will wipe off all the excess varnish after it's done, which she did. But it wasn't a good job done there as well~ sigh! She wipe the sides but did not check under and at the tip of my finger nails. Athought she did not use much strength but the cuticle skin is thin and when she try to wipe of the already dried varnish at that area, it was painful. sobs~ I had to dig the excess nail varnish clot under my nails after she went off. She's nice but important details were not looked into and one could easily have rated it as a sloppy job. Prices are cheap but since u place a professional certificate at the shop, many would expect some form of professionalism in their work. I probably wun be going back there for another round... Maybe I will go to the newly open manicure shop in bedok, the prices are cheap as well ($6 for a repolish). I usually prefer to file my own nails, so I just need them to polish it for me. The only thing I dun like about that place is I have to leave my shoes outside of the shop?! I never like the idea of having it being step by passerbys and imagine if your shoe got lost?! The shop probably will not compensate it. They should allow their customers to leave it in the shop instead rather than to save that little bit of space, which I doubt can help them in any way.

P.s. I think the pink is too pink...looks so wierd on my complexion~ sigh! now Im stuck with it &*$*%^#%^

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