Thursday, September 15, 2005

Great Great News!!

A new life has just entered the world. YES! My dear friend, Elaine has given birth to a lovely daughter this afternoon. Although it's the second time I saw her accidental blooper on her first sms, it felt just as great. Hoping to see her beautiful daughter's picture soon on her blog.

It's been days since I had something to rejoice on and finally I feel so much better all again.

Last night was a horrible night, attributed by a lousy sleepless night and the most swollen eyes I ever saw the second I saw myself in the mirror. *PenGz!* Lucky I'm not going for any interviews or events today otherwise I will have to put an ice pack on my eyes and probably hide it behind some shades.

Headed to the clinic with Joe this afternoon cos he was feeling feverish and the mucus refuse to stop flowing. *LOL!* Anyway his colleague had his own blooper at work and he had to go back to work for a last min conference and meeting to do some damage control. So dedicated ...

Before that I packed some Nasi Padang from the food court near his place and headed back to his house to eat. Surprise Surprise!! It was Delicious!!! The sambal chilli taste exactly like the traditional kind and the vege were just as good. Good food somehow really makes my day.

Wrote some emails and sent out a couple more resumes ~ sigh! Exhausted after the bad sleep and starring at the computer is straining to the eye... so I went into a nice little nap. *hehe*

Time to go surf some forum and relax for awhile before I continue to go a second round of job search.

Poof ... ...

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