Saturday, September 03, 2005

Saturday News, Who Says It's Boring?

As usual I'm having my morning dosage of The Straits Time and usually I do nothing else while reading it. But as I read less than 5 pages into the newspaper, the urge of grabbing my laptop and jotting this down on my blog was commoving.

The front page along was devastating enough to read. It's all about the recent katrina Hurricane in New Orleans that has caused US to go into a horrific scene whereby u only see in movie scenes where the dead rules!

  • Half a million people were pouring out of the city.
  • Gangster were created havoc.
  • People took advantage of the situation creating crimes such as rape.
  • Cops who tried to investigate the problems were shot by unknown sniper.
  • One by one they thrown in their badges.
  • Mayor is angered by the government slow response to send troops and theres no troop.
  • Food and medical supply if low, drugster made it worse by going into hospitals to fulfill their drug needs.

It makes you wonder why is the government still concern about sending troops over to give orders to shoot unruly people when they should have concentrated on finding ways in calming the people sending them their basic needs? Instead of holding a confernce to welcome his China counterpart, which was reported by the newspaper that he did not even had the intention to do it but was pressured by China protesters. Stating it as an important step for them to resolve issues but not even a black tie dinner was thrown in his honor (as said by the newspaper).

Singapore has send their troops in aid of this disaster and we should all feel proud of how brave our men are! (YeaH!) US should learn to take on less war and train their men to protect their own people, and not load and shoot?! Somehow the tsunami although happened at a less developed country but was so much more united and organised.

Another news I heard on TV was on the Ex NKF chief, TT Durai. They are suspecting him of corruption in the funds and have impounded his passport for investigations. The charity is also considering temporarily suspending fund raising activities.

Then what about the many workers who have helped in these activities? You may think, well they probably get retrenched. Let me state the exact words said by Mr. Ee, "Retrench is not the right word ... If we don't have work in certain areas, we have to say, 'Look, I can't justify having you sitting around doing nothing... When the time is right and I can raise the level of activities, I hope to consider you'." (ouch! was my first reaction) Sounds more like a, "sorry I cant hold u here and neither can we use our money to compensate u like what the other organisation do, hence the word retrench won't be used here. Too bad.

Thats quite a dosage of news for a saturday ... ok time to take a shower and wake Joe up. It's comex time!! heehee

gonna be a crowded day ... ...

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