Thursday, September 01, 2005

Temple Is A Place of Serenity

Woke up at 9 this morning as I was instructed by my mum to go to the temple to pray before 12noon.

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Took a train down to Bugis and bump into our dear friend's sister who was bring his daughter out for a walk. Teachers day so no school!

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Very adorable kid.

Cont' on my journey after that and stopover at the temple for about 5mins to pray. After which I quickly went opposite to get a can of Soyabean milk. With the persistent dryness in my throat (cos of my cough), the hot afternoon sun did not help much as well.

I made my way down Bugis Village and into the air conditioning at Parco Bugis Junction. Phew!

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Felt so heavenly inside, so I decided to take a short walk around the mall and bought a cute cute pig to add to my collection. Joe and I actually saw it before when we were shopping last month but he never bought it for me le!!

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Sometimes u just wish it was back in those dating days when the guy will buy u the soft toy in that showcase the minute u go, "Ohhhh!! sO cute! I love iT!" But I did that and it wasn't successful now. Got a response back, "Got so many pigs liao. Never mind la."

Honestly, I felt like punching him like a sand bag!

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Cute Toy I bought today.. hehehe

Offically broke ... ...

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