Monday, September 12, 2005

Uncomfortable Day...

Was at Poe's graduation for the whole afternoon and I did mention in my previous posts about a dress I specially went to alter for this occasion.

It was so perfect when I tried it at the ah ma's place but I did not notice the waist area was still abit loose. Boy was it a hell of a day trying to prevent my dress from slipping. Apparently the material is thick and heavy, so gravity is not helping me as well! *soBs* Luckily, I was seated most of the time so not much worries.

Bonus round was when we finally get to eat!! The catering was fabulous and the spread was amazing. They sandwich and little bitsy tuna tarts were unbelievably Yummy... The 5 of us stood at the small stand table stack our plates to the top. It was the kind of high tea that you probably get to see on TV in 'ang moh' countries. Bon appettie~

My graduation is next month ... ... FINALLY! I could wear my fabulous gown and I have pink color straps for my faculty!! OOOooooo!!! I think its one of the nicer bachelor gowns around and hopefully Joe will be around to see it..hehe

After dinner at Chong Pang Nasi Lemak, I got home to take a shower and be relieve of the discomfort I had for the whole day. My eyes are dry and drooping but my food has yet to be digested.

Can't go on ~ no strength to type another letter ... ...

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