Friday, September 02, 2005

What A Wierd Day

I was walking at the underground walkway behind my house to reach the other side to get some lunch for my family.

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As I was walking through, an old man was walking towards me at the opposite direction. As we grew nearer, I got irritated by his feet dragging and when I tried to move to the right to give way to him, he started to move right. So I thought, "ok! maybe elderly can't balance very well", and I proceeded to the left. Shit! He walks to the left as well.

It was then I realised that he was did that deliberately!! Then he whispered something so soft that even the ants on the ground could hardly hear. I was by then very annoyed and when I was walking past him, he stopped and stared at me?! What?! Now I'm faced with a Lao Ti Ko ah?! I gave him the, "touch me and u'll be sorry look".

He carried on walking, so I left it as it is.

After that, I past by the child care centre and I always love to sneek a peep at the children through their open windows. There were a whole group of children seated on the floor waiting for some activity to start and the teacher, a lady in her late 40s was telling the children, "later when the music start, u must dance happily. Must Smile!" (her face was long and definitely not smiling) Made me wondered, isn't the teachers suppose to be enthusiastic and cherry. How the hell will the children enjoy when u look all stern and fierce. That goes to show that a parent must be very particular with the type of child care centre they send their kids to. I once seen (in the same centre) a teacher hitting a child with a cane. Mind u! Thats a nursery and the children is so young. I rather hit my own child myself then to have a stranger touch them.

Anyway, I managed to buy lunch and went home to be welcomed with soggy noodles ... My mum commented they were fantastic and I swear if my life was a cartoon, u will see tons of bricks falling down on my head.

Ok time to organise my day... I have a funeral that I promised my friend I will go. *sigh* We have been friends since primary school and I'm quite close with her mum. So when she told me her grand ma past away, I felt it was my job to go over and console her. I could hear her trying to control her tears but when its time for a person to leave, somehow all kinds of unforseen illness starts cracking up.

Sunday is Poe's second graduation and I think I have to send the dress lena gave me for my bday for alterations so that I have a nice dress for that day. Althought I dun really understand why he need a second graduation but its his choice and probably he wants the rest of his relatives to be there. So I must dress nice for him. HeeHee

So I have to go to the tailor later...but how do I go there from the funeral??!! I have no idea le? Taxi is out of the question cos I'm really broke already!! Sobs... I need to go take a look at the sbs transit. *sigh*

Transferring myself to sbs website ... ...

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