Monday, October 10, 2005

Be A Considerate Smoker!

I was out after dinner taking a stroll to my nearby bubble tea shop for a nice cup of blueberry green tea. Unfortunately, he ran out of pearls and after he was done with my order, one auntie came along and told him that he made the wrong order for her!! He put pearls instead of jelly!! SObs! There goes my pearls...

As I was walking home waiting for the lift, an uncle was standing there and presumingly waiting as well. I was secretly wishing that he dispose that before entering the lift but I was WRONG! He brought that bloody cigerette into the lift up 13 storeys high!! Damn it! Please! Can't he have some decency to at least dispose it or if he feels that it is wastage, butt it out before coming in.

I wanted to voice it out but I was the only one in the lift and who knows if his nuts or not. Please smokers! As much as ur immute to the smell of smoke, doesnt mean that ur cigerette does not burn even though u dun suck it! It still has smoke! for God's SAKE! Butt it out! For that I really do not blame the government for banning smoking in public areas. YEAH! Thats what happens when people are so inconsiderate!

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