Thursday, October 06, 2005

Hot Hot Day!!

Woke up at 11 plus this morning ... so tired after having such a late night yesterday.

Had a nice hot milo before proceeding to check my mails and cook pasta for lunch. (yum!yum!) After which I made a few phones calls to clear some errands and had a nice warm bath before heading out to my cousin's place. I still remember how often I used to go to her place and somehow miss talking to her... ... Stayed for less an hour before my mum called me to hassle me home. (grumble *$&#*%@)

Reluctantly, I walked to the bus-stop outside dreading the inconvenient journey home. That is the price u have to pay for staying at a upmarket condo. Her place is only reachable by taking 2 different bus and train rides. Usually i have joe to bring me there and since his not around then I shall have to make my own way.

Afterwhich, I waited for my mum to finish cooking dinner and initially had intentions to go out for a walk nearby. But the hot afternoon sun made my head pound and eventually felt too tired to do so. Shortly, my best friend called and we arranged for a nice evening of shopping!! (evening cos she has work! sigh~~) But evening will be good and I can avoid the hot sun... (hehehe) I think I'm going to turn into a vampire very soon ...

Maybe I will turn in early tonight and grab some lunch while on the way to the post office.

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