Saturday, October 01, 2005

Rise & Shine

It's been a long time since I last woke up so early, 7am to be exact. *hehehe* Had my breakfast, a slice of cake and hot milo and proceeded for a nice warm bath. Pressed a coupld of sms and out I went ~

Took the MRT to Joe's place and was surprise to see how little people there were...probably most of them went to work earlier than I thought. I manage to grab a corner seat cos I alighted a stop further (raffles place) to change to the north-south line heading up to his place. Usually there will be seat cos no one stays in Marina South (station) and with my IPod mini plugged into my ear I was entertained for the next half an hour till I notice a girl stepped in and sat directly opp. me.

I noticed her cos she had a very innocent but yet sulky look probably thats how we all look when we dun smile just that we dun realise it. *bleah* Anyway not to be a pervert here but I also happen to notice how low her polo-T was b'cos she left most of the top button undone and somehow her braline seem to tell me that its too big for her. It catch my attention after I saw an Indian guy standing at the door, waiting to alight and he was glancing around till I saw him notice her. He glanced at her chest once and I think he saw it thru the huge gab on the top of her blouse. I was starring at him all the time observing his eyes and body. He shift forward abit probably hoping to see more and I'm not surprise that he did if shes wear something bigger than her chest leaving loads of loose space for men's oogling eyes. He peeped into her blouse for the next 2-3mins till the door open and he had to leave. I glanced at the girl and she somewhat wasn't even aware of it and I guess she probably did not know she has already zao geng~ *pengz* But she realise it when the air conditioning was getting cold and promptly pulled her sweater up to cover her front.

It is very embarassing to see girl's zao geng cos I saw one of my friend's nipples (numerous times in such a few hours) and I couldn't find a better way to tell her the truth so I just told her to be careful when wearing such attire.

Apparently today is yet another flag day (aka people holding cans asking for ur generous donations and most people who donates for the sake of the sticker so that others won't ask anymore) and being the paranoid me, I refused to donate and walking through the shelter to the MRT was tedious as 7 of their volunteers came up one by one asking for donations. I used to donate and even collect the different stickers of their organisation but after so much of corrupted news of mgmt in these charity organisations, I decided it's just fair that they do their part before us citizens part with our money.

Been a week and my stomach has refused to deflate itself! Yes! It's been notti again~ *sigh* Bloating itself up like a hot air balloon... I had to keep away from carbonated drinks for the whole week and reminded Joe that I need to sleep early otherwise I will wake up to a disasterous tummy. So damn uncomfortable~ Argh!!!

When I reach the north area, my stomach was growling and I knew it needed food. Time for a second breakfast - McDonalds here I come. Ouch to my wallet *sobs* Cost me 9bucks for a meal and one muffin!! The muffin is turning cold cos Joe will kill me if I wake him up~~ Thats the thing when a couple has different biological clocks. I believe in early up early down while he prefers to do what he like to do at when he like to do it. SELFISH!!...sigh~ but thats how the male and female species work. That's also the reason why woman like to nag at their man to do the housework (not that we like to) cos they always drag it till theres no long room to walk and the room stinks like hell that they do something about it.

Anyway, this morning as I walked from the MRT to Joe's house - there in front of me was the nicest clear blue skies I have seen so far this yr.

Lovely morning ~ with my McDonalds ... ...

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