Sunday, August 13, 2006

买东西, 吃东西~

I think I'm going to give up looking for clothes at the shops downstairs. They are indeed cheap but after hunting high and low, I can't find any clothes that I fancy. Although I did ended up being attracted to all those lovely, yummy cosmetics.

Some stuff from The Face Shop for my Sherry. I got myself one toner for trial and ended up with tons of freebies from the SA. There were lotion, sun block and even a picnic mat! All FOC!!!! I'm starting to love them even more.. lol! Why don't the cosmetic counters back home give me that kind of freebies. -_-"

Those above are from Etude House and I love their pink packaging that goes with it. It's so sweet and irresistible. I bought a makeup brush, eye makeup remover and mascara petticoat aka base coat. There seems to be more right? They are (guess?) FREEBIES! There's a body scrub, lotion, moisturiser, sun block, skin water and a hand held fan. It's from their Green Tea range of products and the smell is absolutely amazing!

Finally for dinner, I went to get a large hawaiian pizza from Mr. Pizza. yummy! There was a 20% for a takeout and I paid just USD12 for it. Enough to feed Joe and I for dinner tonight and breakfast the next morning. ^^ It came with pickled vege (green tub), chilli (red), garlic sauce (yellow) and cheese (blue).

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