Sunday, August 13, 2006

The Days That Follow ...

I decided to do the point and guess what food to eat game aka the menu is all in Korean and I have no idea but to do the "hit and run". Luckily they had a picture of what looked like the one I wanted, Ginseng Chicken Soup.

It is a very raved about dish here in Korean and I suppose it shall be one that I cannot miss. I'm not sure if it has been too highly commented that I may have set a high standard for it but it isn't as exceptional as commented. The shop was a family run business that looked fairly traditional and the number and quantity of side dishes were simple astonishing. I could even barely finish up the chicken. It cost about USD10 and probably sufficient for 2 girls to share. There was korean glutinous rice stuffed inside the chicken, which I then realised that it was a whole chicken in that pot! I only managed to finish up the chicken and the soup. Taste wise, the soup was quite light and tasteless (?!)... Yes it is BUT they had salt by the table and the lady indicated to me that I could add salt to tailor the taste to my preference. Unfortunately, I will not say that it taste that great as commented by others. It was okay.

After my lunch, I went about exploring the subway and decided to go to Coex Mall. It was one of the places recommended for the shopping. I had to do a transfer at 1 of the stops but it was a short 15mins away. At just 900won, I'm not complaining man. lol! It cost a freeking 12000won from the hotel to Coex. The subway looked pretty similar to the ones in Tokyo and they too had the heated seats for winter.

When I stepped out of the train station, there were humans all over!! It was certainly one busy mall for a weekday afternoon. The outside seemed kind of small but there was more surprise inside where it seemed like an endless stretch of shops. I got giddy walking through the mall and I realised that most of the mall layouts were in a confusing shape that at times I may not even remember where I had been to before.

As I walked on, guess what I saw. Now...who said Hyundai only manufactures cars. Joe mentioned that they started off in construction and their names can still be seen around the construction sites in Korea.

Joe knocked off pretty early and we hopped on a cab to the electronic mart where we chanced upon a very interesting Lime Green Beetle with a Lime green Razer phone?!?!??! Now! That's what I call advertising.

Okay, I'm feeling kinda knocked out right now. Somehow felt really moody last night and lost quite a load of sleep. Not to mention Joe's working today and his phone was constantly ringing away yet he could still remain asleep. *faint!* I ended waking up at 7:30, washed up and headed down for some breakfast. For now I'm hitting the pillows again... ...

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