Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Korean's Bugis Street

Out of curiosity, I accidentally walked into an area that reminded me so much of the Bugis Steet back home. There were rows and rolls of small cramp shops. Fashion apparels, accessories, shoes, home decor, flowers, etc. I spend a good 3 hours walking up and down the shops, which seem endless after some time.

I happen to find a bag that is similar to the marc jacobs design that I have been longing for some time ago but the size was way too big even though the price was kind of reasonable. The korean auntie was trying to tell me something but I caught nothing of what she said. So I just smiled politely and figured out that she was just trying to tell me about my figure cos that was the reaction I got from the last shop keeper where I bought a blouse from. So far they had been quite friendly exaept for some of the older shop keepers who had quite a stern look on their face.

Anyway, the clothes there were pretty cheap and u can get nice, simple tops for less than $10 and some for less than $20. I also saw alot of auction dresses, which wasn't exactly my kind of thing but they were definitely cheaper. I only happen to fancy one blouse that later I realised it was a little too loose for me and most probably had to be brought to the tailor. They didn't had a changing room and the auntie who help to check the fitting on me said it was okay although I did hesitated a little on that. But at $8, I say it's worth it even if I were to bring it to the tailors.

When I got back to the hotel, the staff happened to bring the laundry up as well and I was surprised at how nicely they had packed the inner wears. They were wrapped in a white linen cloth and tie up with gold nylon strings, placed in a basket. Pretty isn't it. ^^

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