Monday, August 28, 2006

Lousy Painter

Now it is just slightly after lunch hour and I am still struggling to digest the Nasi Lemak. The rice was a little hard and I noticed that they actually used the Indian rice instead of the thai rice. Texture wise is harder, which I hate. *sigh!* Lately, I have noticed that my appettie is getting smaller and I get full easily. Nevertheless, I will rather eat a couple more meals than to try so hard to finish up the food and end up with a bad stomach.

Earlier on, I was trying to paint my nails with the new Etude varnish but as usual I suck at it. *lol!* Yeah! My painting is pretty much as bad as it can get and my shakey hands only make it even worse. Maybe I will bring it to the manicurist and get her to do it for me instead. *pout~* Currently I am still attempting to try out the other white glittery color to see if it may be any easier to apply. Wonder how much worse can it get?!?!

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