Tuesday, August 08, 2006

More Updates on Korea

Today's the 4th day I'm in Korea and luckily the shopping mall downstairs is opened. I had a chocolate bun for breakfast and took a shower before heading down to the mall downstairs for a quick look around.

I only had to walk through an air-conditioned path to the shopping mall and I didn't even need to see sunlight to get food. Call me a vampire but I hate the heat out there. Upon walking into the mall, it reminded me of a somewhat familar place back home - Takashimaya. The sides were lined with luxury brands and the center were filled with smaller brands of cosmetics, accessories, etc. The accessories were really pretty with all the gems and fake blings. On the next level, there were clothes, shoes and bags for both sexes. There was one particular brand of bags that attracted me and the design was simply alluring. I picked it up for a peek but didn't dare look at the price as the sales girls was constantly looking at me, which made me a little uncomfy and she was continuously following me as I glanced at her stuff. Maybe I will come back another day when Joe is around but then again I have a gut feeling that the price would be steeper as compared to the other places. I started feeling tired after some walking and decided that its time I had lunch. So I went downstairs where lots of food and a foodcourt can be found. There wasn't any english words on the menu so I decided to go for the fast finger food instead and this was what I got.

The potato was extremely fluffy with baked cheese on the top and sour cream just beneath. I would give it the thumbs up for something that cost 3000 won in Korea. Bare in mind that food doesn't come cheap around here. *sweat* As I walked on, I came across a counter that sold California Rolls and I remember Joe mentioning that the Korean rolls were quite tasty. It cost 4000won and enough for me to share with Joe. So I grabbed a coke from the supermart and headed back to my room.
Usually my dinner will be Korean food but unfortunately I did not take pictures of it.

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