Monday, August 14, 2006


OMG! This is the best retail therapy for a long time...

The stuffs I got today.

I got this as a gift for my Korean friend as a gesture of appreciation to her hospitality.

Another gift for someone else. It is a hand painted hair clip that I found at an accessory mall. Pretty!

More stuff from Etude House - Loose powder and Face Smoother (makeup base)

I love the rugged look of this cap and this is a gift for my relative.

This was the last thing I bought today and I'm extremely happy with it. Especially after being under the hot sun for hours from 1 place to another looking for the right one. It is a gold quilted cap with sequins and gold gems.

Finally, these were gifts bought from the arts and crafts street that I went to on Saturday. 

I'm getting a headache soon from all the heat ... 
time for a soak ...

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