Thursday, August 17, 2006

Shopping's In My DNA

11:00 - Grabbed a donut and took a quick shower before heading out to the subway for a ride down Dongdaemun.

12:00 - Dongdaemun was in sunny mood with the hot afternoon sun. I was there to get the bag that I had been looking around for a long time. It is a designer inspired version of the spy bag and I just love the size, design and compartments. The original cost over $3k, which I do not plan to invest during this time and there isn't any logos or brands on it. I just love it for it's shape.^^

1400 - Decided to hop on down to City Hall Seoul but I found nothing there so while I was trying to figure out how to walk over to Myeong Dong, my tummy growled and I just went into a small little food stall by the side. I did the point and eat game, it was ok and cheap. ^^

1500 - I managed to find my way there and bought some stuff from Etude House and The Face Shop.

I bought the dual cream for Sherry and I got a eye serum for myself. Both were kind of expensive..sobs~ Anyway, the rest of the stuff are all FREEBIES! LOL! Now I know why my bag was so heavy. 1 outlet gave a bottle of water and the other gave me a bottle of green tea. It was quite thoughtful of them since the weather was pretty warm today.

Another lip gloss to add to the one I bought last week.

1730 - The shopping bags were getting way too heavy, so it's time I flag a cab...

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