Thursday, August 10, 2006

Where's Joe.. ..

It's 1030 at night here and Joe's no where in sight. Neither did he answer the phone so I guess he's still at work. Unfortunately the eateries are closing soon and if he could even get back by midnight, which I doubt he can cos it's an hour ride away. I think I better get downstairs and grab some dinner for him before we both have to stuff ourselves with instant noodles.

I have been watching cable tv for the past couple of hours and I'm getting bored!! So I took out my trusty camera phone and took a picture of my *roll eyes* other korean cdma phone. LOL!! Even though my 3G phone works here, Joe wanted me to get a rented phone just in case the coverage isn't enough. Our local telecoms should start advancing their 3G services... ...

This LG phone reminds me of the Samsung D600 and it comes with a lot of cutsy tones for almost anything. Even the keypad tones sounds cuter than the samsung back home.

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