Sunday, September 24, 2006

Ikea Is The Place To Go

I had just returned from Hong Kong Cafe in Kovan. After hearing much appraisals from my fellow friends, I decided to give it a shot despite the exceptionally heavy dinner that I had in celebration of my Father's Birthday. It felt just like yesterday when I remembered buying a birthday cake and seeing him blow off the candles. 1 year really flew past without much mercy.

Our order consisted of Ice Milk Tea, Mango Snow with Ice-cream, Mango Sago with Pomelo and Lychee Tea. All I could say was the ice cream was not bad and the mango was sweet but the rest were simply disappointing. Firstly, there was too much of milk in the tea making it more like Ice Condense Milk "drink". Secondly, the Mango puree was too sweet and thick that it was better only after we started to throw in the ice from the Mango Snow. The only drink that I did not try was the Lychee Tea, which I mockingly commented that it was served in what looked like a small flower vase. ;p Besides the above, I would say that the service was okay except when Joe asked if he could serve the drinks before the dessert as he was getting thirsty but the waiter was hurryingly trying to leave the table that he just commented that ice water was chargable. ?_?

As compared to the HK Cafe in Siglap, I will say that the overall experience is world's apart. The milk tea at Siglap was the best I had so far and the Mango with Pomelo drink was fabulous that it was the drink I ordered 90% of the time I'm there. Food so far has never disappointed me and it is much cheaper with service staff who are always friendly and attentive.

Maybe the only plus point that Kovan has is probably the 24 hours operation hour but if you're one who go during the evenings, I suggest taking a further route to enjoy your milk tea-s better! I'm still a loyal fan of the HK Cafe in Siglap.

Before that, I had dinner at the Tea House in China Square and I remembered going there with Norman and gang for an afternoon Tea. It was like years ago and I wasn't even sure what I had or how good it was. At $28 per adult, we got to have the ala carte buffet consisting of over 60 dishes. I was at my brim halfway through and Sherry was still able to down 2 plates of crab. *faint~* Joe commented that the food had quite a lot of MSG and even though he was one who never drank tea, he had countless cups of it. I too found it a little dehydrated after the meal but I love the dim sum! I bet it would be better to go for the afternoon tea instead. The food is still okay and there are certain dish that is better than average. So that answers to why it is recommended to make reservations if you're interested.

My past 2 afternoons were spent shopping a bit at Ikea for a bit of revamp with Joe's room. His bed linens were getting old and torn, the quilt was worn out and he was in need of storage boxes to keep out the unsightly clutter. I was surprised at how much nicer the furniture at Ikea were as compared to before and with the guarantee, one should not worry that it should break down even with gentle use. The exchange and refund policy is just great! I bought a carpet for Joe's room and somehow it was a little too small. Hence, we brought it back for an exchange for something that could fit better at the walkway. We were given a cash refund or you could choose to receive a voucher instead. Luckily we chose the cash refund option after we failed to find any carpet that could fit perfectly in the dimensions we wrote down. Better luck next time. *sigh~*

Lately, there has been reports on the SKII ingredients being potentially harmful to the skin and human organs when inhaled. More detail reports here. The 2 main chemicals that qurantine agents in China found were chromium and neodymium. They stated that there are people who had an adverse effect after using SKII and even though after years of usage, I have yet to get irritation despite the fact that I'm prone ot Eczema. I'm still waiting for the report to be completed before I reuse my SKII products. In the meantime, I opened my brand new sealed The Face Shop toner that I bought from Korea. It smells rather nice and there was a tingling sensation followed by slight tightening of the skin. I love it! =) I may stick to it if it gives good result.

Speaking of which, it is probably the 3rd of 4th day trial for Cellnique and to be honest... I have yet to see any form of obvious improvements and even though it is suppose to melt away black and white heads, I can still see it. If it doesn't work, I really don't know what else will... ...

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