Wednesday, September 06, 2006

My New "Life"

Yeah, I'm sort of exaggerating it by a little.. *bleah* I'm just trying to get use to the mac computer and it's taking me hell of a time. So far, I have yet to even get use to the keypad *faint..* and I have my "mac evil twin professor" to guide me through some of the nitty gritty features of the macbook.

This is officially my first entry with the macbook and I desperately need to get the data over from my PC by tomorrow if possible. My desk now has 3 laptops in total and I'm running out of space to rest my elbows. Just less than an hour and my arms are starting to ache as I struggle to type this entry. Who needs the gym when you can torture and accomplish tasks in the "comfort" of your own home. *Roll eyes!*

With the past night staying up late to explore the possibilities of this laptop had drained my eyes of much needed rest. So I'm going to keep this entry short for some good nights sleep. Today was an early day waking up with swollen, fatigued eyes. I dragged myself up and quickly freshen up to leave home. Nevertheless, I still managed to head down to Joe's place without taking a nap on the train.

Tomorrow shall be a busy day. I need to accomplish my data transfer from my PC and move my laptop over to my mum's room before my arms start giving way from my body. After which, I need to grab lunch for my granny cos my mum's busy getting her hair colored at the salon (I also want... and if possible, I will want to make a trip down to the doctors for a body checkup. I'm even planning to squeeze in time to hope down town to browse around for MAcbook accessories just before my evening lessons. Shit man! How am I going to squeeze so many errands in such a short time?!

Well I guess it's time I go look for my pigs. (wink)

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