Saturday, September 16, 2006

Oops! I Did It Again...

I know I haven't been updating for the week because of my busy schedule this week.

My lessons had to be rescheduled within the first four days of the week, so as to free my weekends for the English Language course that I'm taking. It is a 3 days intensive course with all sorts of rules, terms... yada yada thrown right at me 6 hours every day. I wondered how I managed to get through the first 2 days when I don't even attend 3 hour lectures in poly after 2 weeks of school. hahahhahahahhaha!!!!!

Anyway, I went there with sweets and tons of sweets to keep my mouth chewing. Hoping that would keep my brain functioning. Nevertheless, it was proven a failure. By the 4th hour, my eyes were getting heavy and my brain was at a complete shutdown by the 5th hour. The teacher may see me alert with both eyes wide open except for the fact that I'm dozing off inside of me. *faint* Tomorrow is the last day and luckily it will only be for 3 hours in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I have a student at 11a.m and it's time I go to bed.

I know I should be in retail hibernation but I guess it just "Mission IMPOSSIBLE"!

The top caught my eyes instantly and it was one of the rare few that I didn't even need to ponder.

Lastly, it was a pair of flat pumps that I saw at a corner sold by 2 China ladies. They initially wanted $39.90 for it based on the unique design and comfort. Honestly, shoes that flat maybe be comfy as compared to the heels I was wearing but without much thickness to the sole, it would not be considered as comfy to me. The design definitely attracted my attention and I was pretty much willing to get it except for the price. She gave a further reduction to $37 but understanding the nature of China culture, I decided not to bargain and started leaving. It kind of worked and she further reduce it to $35 but I felt that it was only worth $3o (imo). Her "accomplice came along and kept pushing it to me, givin a final price of $33 but I just stood there frowning and obviously not moven by the price (still). She offered that as a inbetween of what we both want but I just wasn't going to pay more than $30 for it. So I once again began to walk off. I think she finally gave up since there wasn't much business for her cramp store and she placed the shoe in the plastic bag. So with some persistence, one can still get what they want.

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