Sunday, September 24, 2006

Raffles Hotel Legendary Mooncakes

Mooncake festival is coming soon and boxes of it are pouring in from all places. My dad brought home 2 boxes of mooncakes from Raffles hotel, courtest of someone (I have no idea who?!) and my cousin gave one box of traditional mooncakes too.

Honestly, after I had the snow skin one, I didn't bother to have the other. lol! Just kidding but not on how good the ones from Raffles Hotel are! It's fabulous! I ate the mocha truffle mooncake where one person can easily finish it all. The size is small and easy to 'pig' on and at a price of $38, I will say it's reasonable for some yummy indulgence.

I was surpised at how smooth the filling was, I bit onto something crunchy in the center of the mooncake. There was one chocolate ball!!! Sinful? Yes! Pleasurable? Absolutely! You can get it online and be entitled to a 5% discount too! How good can it get?

These indeed live up to it's legendary name... ...

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