Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Recommendations Of The Week

Despite my late night yesterday, I was still able to wake up at 10 a.m this morning without much exhaustion.

I received the ShieldZone that I had order online from the US within 5 short days and it came well packaged in a tough cylinder parcel that protected the plastic sheets well.

It is vital that I protect my macbook with my utmost TLC but still there are the fine hairline scratches from the initial 2 weeks.

Yesterday afternoon was spent sticking the protective shield, which left me with an aching back. Who would have known that it was so hard to stick? I spent a good 2 hours fidelling with the plastic, trying hard not to trap air bubbles in it but still it happened. Luckily they did state that the air bubbles will diminish in 2-3 days, so it was best not to push it too hard or I may end up with ugly wrinkled lines instead.

On top of that, I got a new arm and wrist rest for $6.90. It is even cheaper, cuter and more comfy than my previous Ikea ones.

Now it is sitting pretty and I have no worries of getting it stained. I will recommend it to those who are looking for some protection for their electronics. Besides laptops, they do have pre-cut sizes for IPods and PDAs. If you do not find your model, you can try getting it custom cut. Just send an enquiry to them and they will reply real quick. Well, at least they replied me within 24 hours and sent out the parcel the following day of my payment. In addition, they provide a lifetime guarantee and 30days money back if you are not convinced.

Next up is a new brand (technically it isn't that new in the US) called Cellnique.

It is a line of beauty products that beauty salons are using and now they are being sold at SASA. I bought the Pro Sebum Gel as a trial after hearing much rave reviews and the pain of looking at the black and white heads I have since a teenager. Moreover, they have a 2 weeks money back guarantee if I am not satisfied with it. It shows just how confident they are about their products.

On the first night of usage, I took a photo of my skin as a gauge of before and after effects. Maybe at the end of the week, I will take another photo to see if there are any improvements. So far it's only the 2nd day and I have yet to see a obvious reduction but it was stated that by the 3rd day, the effects will be noticable. I will reveal the results at the end of this week (if there are any..) or by the 2nd weeks (then you will know there isn't any! lol!).

Other cute stuff I saw last week was a new van taxi... just thought it looked adorable. Unless I'm going to be moving stuff, otherwise I do not think I want to be caught dead in it.

Today is Joe's first day of reservist.. *sigh~* Wonder if he will be having dinner with me.. Boo HoooHooo


Anonymous said...


I was reading your post on the Cellnique Pro-series Sebum Gel, and noticed you wrote that it was available in the states? Do you know if it is available in normal departmental stores or pharmacies?

Thank you.


Lin said...

Hi Jenny,

I found out that this product was not heard of in the states even though it was formulate there. It is actually owned by a malaysian company.

Therefore I doubt that you maybe able to find it in the US.

Anonymous said...

thank you for responding so quickly. =)

By the way, did the serum really work that well as many reviews said it is?


Lin said...

I check my emails daily, hence the prompt reply. ^^

I did do a review in my later posts but it did not work for me. It is based on individual skin conditions and so far I doubt it is as good as what they have claimed it to be.

My friend even mentioned that some of her friends who used it did have an improvement in their complexion but once they stopped, the outbreaks were bad. I stop using it after 12 days as my blackheads did not clear as they claimed. So I brought it back for a refund before teh 2wks deadline. So far my skin has not gotten worse and I think constant exfoiliation and mask can help achieve results as well.

Anonymous said...

by the way, can you tell me what's the title of the song you ahve on your blog? the artiste as well?

Thank you. =) the song's real addictive


Anonymous said...

i think i forgot to thank you just now.

Thanks for responding, and i have to say your blog's really neat!



Lin said...

The pleasure is all mine. Thanks for the compliment ^^