Monday, September 04, 2006

Retail Hibernation

I'm officially enclosing myself into retail hibernation till the end of the year. My purchase made in a month is probable one of the biggest in my life so far and it is time I go into hibernation mode. So this should be some of the last purchases you will see for the next few months (cross my fingers) to come.

A shorts I spotted at This Fashion going at $18!! Cheap and nice! In order to prepare myself for hibernation, I have also dug out clothes that I have yet to worn for alteration. I figured out that there are more than enough clothes to last me for the next couple of months. The usual tailor that I go to is freeking expensive! I send in one of my tops for alterations and it cost me a %#% $35! ARGH! I was planning to send in 4 pieces of clothings but ended up cancelling 2 of them (phew!). I rather dump my cash into what you're about to see next.

I have been asking around, searching through forum, researching on reviews before I decided to take the plunge and make my final expensive purchase at the Comex. We managed to find parking pretty quickly and we rushed in for the last hour. I would say it's a good bargain for a normal consumer price. Yes! There is the education scheme or NUS offer (blar blar), but I'm not about to risk having my laptop recall (for those who are not sure do look at the terms and conditions). Spending thousands of dollars = A peace of mind (FULL STOP)

A beauty isn't she! Ironically, I'm typing this entry on my old laptop. Well.. the new one is still in the progress of data transfer and I kinda miss this laptop after being together for so many years. She will be passed onto my mum and there will be no looking back. Sobs~ I do feel kinda heartpain but thats life, so lets move on.

I'm going to make a sticky note on my wallet to remind myself not to spend money and I will also refuse to step into sim lim for upgrades. ARGH!

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