Sunday, September 10, 2006

Shoes Are The Companions Of My Soul

It's been awhile since I ever remember loving how much I enjoy strutting around in heels that I almost forgot that flats ever existed. I'm starting to love the Nine West platform heels I got not long ago even though I stumble once in awhile after wear flats for the longest time ever in my life (school shoes don't count).

My poly days were either platforms, heels or the occasional slippers that I wear on a lazy day. In fact, I don't even own a slipper (at all! - sandals do not classify as slippers..mind you) and my papilio sandals are one of the many babies I own. Shoes like wheels are to man not only please a woman on a horrendous day, make us look good even when we're in dirty brown checked bermudas. Nonetheless, it gives a lady a certain inner confidence, poise and strength to pull ourselves through the tedious hours of work. Why do you think that women are willing to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars for something that pleases the aesthetic sense but brings about great discomfort to the indefatigable feet.

If anyone were to ask me, I would say that no shoe is perfect and heels are not the "best friend" that a girl can have on a busy schedule. I'm crazy about my Nine West (w/o a doubt) and I love how they have made great looking, height pumping (kitten heels are a joke... no offence, jus my personal preference) yet sufficiently comfy shoes for true admirer of immaculate accessorising lover. I once had the misconception that designer shoes costing thousands of dollars should have their 101% heart felt dedication into providing their customers with shoes meant for them rather than to cover runway shows or red carpet walks that only requires less than 10mins to walk in.

I truly understand how one can sacrifice comfort for certain unexplainable reasons for their deep fondness to a certain pair of shoes that they will squeeze their toes into the sexiest pointed fronts and grow endless layers of dead skin at the balls of their foot just to look great in them. Some say they're mad while all I can say is, no one can beat that kind of dedication, loyalty and devotion to a women's love for what they truly treasure in life.

A toast to love, bags, shoes and the desired urge that one hopes to fulfill... ...

"When I look at my babies,
it never fails to brighten up my day.
Shoes are like the souls of a women's grace,
like the love that they protray to their families,
which can never be replaced with a substitute.

Quality over Quantity
I don't believe in getting more shoes,
for the sake of looking at them.
I hold onto them,
because I want to share the memories that walk through my life.
At the end of it all,
I know they will still be the love of my life."

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