Saturday, October 14, 2006

Butter (What) Factory?!

It's 2:15am and I'm still up and awake. I thought I will be sleepy since it's been ages that I kept awake at this hour.

My morning was spent talking to Joe (all thanks to the 11 hour difference...) and I managed to wake up at 9am despite being the sleepy head (me). After lunch, I lazed around for awhile before deciding to go for a highlight and a snip at Kimage. They are having a 32% off colouring in celebration of Plaza Sing's 32nd anniversary (I guess...). After doing my maths, I think it's quite worth it, considering that they are leading stylist and it is cheaper than my 20% discount from Kimage card. He did a mahogony brown highlight that blend in wonderfully with my (horribly) DIY-ed hair base. ;p Followed by a snip of the fringe and now I'm like some China Doll. *Lol!*

By the time I'm done, it's already past 7pm and my twin came down to pick me up (ooooowwww~~). We headed to UE Sq area for some dinner and she recommended this Italian place that so-call serve(d) really good pastas. Well... we were in for some rude awakening. Firstly, the service was rather rough and the guy place our cutlery in an untidy manner despite protraying a fine dining standard. I know it may sound picky but I suppose it's the little details that count. Later, a waitress went about ignoring my twin even though she asked to take order and she just looked away and went about clearing the table behind. It was only when she called out loudly to her that she made her way over. After ordering, she walked away without asking if we needed any drinks and there was no mentioning that they did not serve ice water even when I asked for it. She just commented, 'Still or carbonated'. Assuming that I was aware that still water do COST a bomb there. Good thing was that I'm prepared to pay for the water but not the sucky service.

My Linguine Vongole came shortly and after some time spent removing the shells and garlic, I was greeted with what tasted like Chinese Fried Noodles (with lots of salt...). My twin said that it tasted like Hokkian Mee. Initially, I was okay with finishing it but from the looks of it I doubt I could so we decided to COMPLAIN. *HeeHeeHee*

The expatriate boss was very friendly and accomodating, explaining why the vongole tasted salty. It was because of the sea water used to cook the pasta, which retains the natural 'sweetness' of the clams used. I beg to diff but he claimed it is how they have it in Italy. Everyone has their culture, so I just politely smiled and nodded. He rest assured me that I was not the first and it may not be suitable for some diners since we're used to a different perception of Vongole. He allowed me to change my order and I asked if he had a recommendation. He later brought along ravioli with mushroom stuffings and walnut sauce. As exotic as it sounds, it tasted way better than what I originally had. Although being the nut-hater, I was a bit put off by the strong taste of walnut lingering in my mouth after the meal but it was a perfect blend. To some it may seem a bit strong on the taste but I will still give it the thumbs up. I did feel a little stuffed up after the meal since such pasta expands gradually. *burP*

Even though he did not give a discount, neither did he charge the original price of the ravioli which I figured out that it should be more expensive. Unfortunately, my twin is too upset with their service (in a way, I am too) that we decided to boycott that place.

It was past 10 when we headed down to Butter Factory for some private party that her friend was having. Nice, decent chap who managed to bring us in as VIPs (Perks of being friends with V.I.Ps) and it was my first time there. I don't really club unless I don't need to queue to get it (yes I'm that lazy) but I was curious to know what's with the craze about that place. It's still quite recent since it's launch and the first thing that surprised me was how small the place is with a barely decorated VIP section that is only enclosed with a barrier. VIPs get to keep to their little area and mingle with the rich and amm..okay I don't see anyone Besides that, there are about 2-3 waiters who are constantly bringing drinks upon request and a sofa at a corner where we decided to rest ourselves for the rest of the night. We were told that it was Bankers night and her friend introduced to us whose who. Judging by the prim shirts and ironed pants, I reckon they came over from work. We sat around, had some green tea and left short at 12am. The music isn't impressive and I think the place will lose it's appeal once people get sick of it.

We did take quite a number of shots but it's all in my twin's friend camera. So I will have to wait for more picture updates. In the meantime, please bare with this poorly taken shot in our little dark corner sofa. This is the best I can do with my V3X... My apologies twin for squeezing you off from the side but it was freeking dark and we could barely see our faces on the front LCD but this is the best shot.

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