Sunday, October 01, 2006

Damn it!

I have no idea what the #@$%@#%!#%! is wrong with the bl**dy computer but I have been having problems surfing the net especially during the nights. Usually it will be fine by midnight but when I tried today, it was just HOPELESS!

The only thing that pisses me off more than ever is to have a slow, turtle, @!$%#$! computer. Sorry but this frustrates me HELL OF A TIME. Not to mention, Joe decided to take a nap till now. Left me waiting the whole night till 1.45am, eyes tired and brain mal-functioning along with my sluggish internet. I don't think its the network cos my other computer is functioning well. Neither is there anything wrong with the web browser. I had done everything I could but to no avail... ...

Lena suggested that I call up Apple, which I think I will but the Singapore helpdesk is only open during office hour and my eyes are too freeking tired to look for the 24hour number. I am FREEKING EXHAUSTED and I swear I can feel my eyes begging for sleep. ZZzzz

Buck up damn computer or I'm abandoning you for my beautiful pink leopard fur ex-lover (aka my old laptop ;p). Hope threatening it will help but I think I'm just starting to have weird illusions.

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